Golden Jubilee Challenge

A challenge that any Guiding member can carry out at home.


Welcome to the Girlguiding Hampshire East, Hampshire North and Hampshire West Counties Golden Jubilee Challenge, produced to celebrate the three Girlguiding Hampshire Counties' 50th Anniversary in 2020.

This challenge is designed to be accessible to all. It is a personal challenge and can be completed individually or as a unit/group. Everyone will need to collect 50 points in each section to gain each of the coloured “50” badges. 

A record sheet can be downloaded here

Please share how you have completed the challenges or ask for suggestions on the Facebook page: Girlguiding Hampshire Golden Challenge 

The central circular badges will be given to all members as a gift from County, they will organise the distribution of these. The outer '50' badges can be ordered via your unit leaders, just show them evidence of what you have done for the challenge.

Download here

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