Guiding by age group

Being a Rainbow, Brownie, Guide, member of the Senior Section or Adult volunteer opens up a world of opportunities that will last a lifetime.

What do girls in guiding do?

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Rainbows are the youngest members in our organisation usually for girls aged between 5 and 7. Rainbows have fun! They take part in games and activities as part of their programme called the Rainbow Jigsaw.

Rainbows website

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Brownies are usually girls aged 7 to 10 who become a member of a Six. Brownies do cool stuff, meetings are full of exciting challenges and the opportunity to try new things and to make brilliant friends as part of the Brownie Adventure.

Brownies website

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Guides are usually girls aged 10 to 14 who are given the chance to explore their individual skills and abilities and try out new challenges as part of a team. Girls can get involved in anything from adventure sports to performing arts, travel and taking part in community action projects.

Guides website

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Senior Section

The Senior Section explore more by offering young women aged 14 to 25 the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities through a flexible and inspiring programme which offers a huge variety of challenges, activities and opportunities for personal development.

Senior Section website

What do adults in guiding do?

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Girlguiding isn't just for girls. In total, we have around 100,000 adult volunteers and supporters. Many volunteers give their time as Leaders or Assistant Leaders for guiding units and get to see girls enjoying events and activities and watch them grow in confidence and ability as time goes on. Other volunteers take on administrative responsibilities, or help out with driving or maintenance on an occasional basis.

Volunteer website

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Trefoil Guild

The Trefoil Guild is for adults to make new friends, travel, explore, serve their communities and help guiding thrive across the UK.

Trefoil Guild website

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